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The premiere PDP-11 add-in card.

Note: As of 2021-10-28, QBones ship within 5 business days of ordering.

QBone Green

The QBone is an add-in card for QBus-based DEC PDP-11 and VAX minicomputers. It is capable of emulating memory, floppy disk, hard disk. tape storage, lamps & switches panels, bootstrap ROMs, and so much more.

Add a QBone to your PDP-11 or VAX to replace aging and failing disk and floppy drives, to fully expand its RAM, or as a diagnostic tool for faulty machines.

Each QBone comes with 12 bus driver chips from our stock, a BeagleBone Black, 1 DE-9 serial breakout cable and a pre-loaded 32GB microSD card.

QBones come with riveted black PETG 3D-printed handles. To swap for custom colour PETG or resin handles, you can add those to your order below.

Available fully assembled, or as fully assembled factory seconds (minor cosmetic defects on the rear of the board, not visible from the front, functionality not compromised)

  • Dimensions: 26.5 x 21.5 x 2 cm

  • Shipping weight: ~600g

Pair of QBone Handles

These pairs of PETG or Resin handles are available to order with or without a QBone. Each pair includes one blank and one "QBone" handle.

When ordering with a QBone, your choice will be substituted for the default black PETG handles, and riveted to your QBone.

If you are ordering more than one set of handles, please specify in the shopping cart "Special Instructions for Seller" box which colour of handle you would like riveted to your QBone.

QBone Yukon Gold

The QBone Yukon Gold special edition sports "hard gold" edge fingers, thickened gold plating on all pin headers and IC sockets, and upgraded DS3662 bus drivers. Each board undergoes a full 24-hour burn-in test on a real PDP-11 system.

Each Yukon Gold QBone comes with your choice of riveted handles (see below), a BeagleBone Black, 2 DE-9 serial breakout cables and a pre-loaded 32GB microSD card.

QBone Yukon Gold orders include your choice of handle at no extra charge. To select your handle color, type your colour name from the pictures below into the "Special Instructions for Seller" box in the shopping cart. If you want extra handles, scroll down to add them to your order.

Available only fully assembled and tested.