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The only commercially-produced PDP-11 add-in card of 2021. (We think.)

QBone Yukon Gold


We are Canada's official SCSI2SD and ZuluSCSI reseller. They emulate SCSI drives with modern, low-cost storage.

ZuluSCSI RP2040

MFM Emulator

The Decromancer has made a limited run of Gesswein MFM drive emulators/readers. These will dump an MFM hard drive to a file, or can emulate 1 or 2 MFM drives.

Thumbnail render of Decromancer’s MFM Emulator


We also carry Greaseweazle floppy drive controllers. These let your USB-equipped computer control a floppy drive for reading and writing floppy disks of many formats.

Photo of a Greaseweazle v4.1

Other Divinations


Learn more about our vintage computing products & restoration efforts.

The Archives

A treasure trove of vintage software and documentation, including various mirrors.

Vintage Computing Store

Coming soon! Computers, peripherals, and accessories, including selections from (probably) the largest private PDP-11 collection in Canada. (OK, Southern Ontario.)

A fourth thing

You want a fourth thing? OK, go listen to Blank Check with Griffin & David.
It's a no-bits, Pro-Smits podcast.